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Our Customers

The following are just a small selection of comments we've collected from our customers. 

"Just want to say how much I love CNB Bank...Someone managed to hack my account, overdraw it completely, and CNB is backing me the whole way...They are also assisting me with closing and opening a new account...I love CNB!" - Kylertown customer

"They treat me better than anyone else." - St. Marys customer

"I've been with CNB for a number of years...the customer service department is very personable and everyone is very helpful." - Clearfield customer

"I like their service...They're fast, efficient and care for all of my needs." - Kane customer

"My Mother and Dad were long time customers...its a family tradition." - Clearfield customer

"They made an effort to know who I am...now a satisified customer." - Philipsburg customer

"I think they have great customer service, and online banking.  They are friendly and helpful." - St. Marys customer

"I've gotten to know everybody that works there and they've been so nice and helpful." - Ridgway customer

"Doug, the branch manager in Punxsy, is amazing.  He is really helpful and gives me peace of mind." - Punxsutawney customer

"The main branch in Clearfield was amazing in getting our mortgage set up.  They formed a relationship with us...seems like family." - Clearfield customer

Contact Us Today!

We'd love to hear from you, too! Contact us toll-free at 1-800-492-3221, visit us at any CNB Bank branch location, or send an email to customerservicecenter@bankcnb.com. CNB appreciates the opportunity to be your financial partner.

In the event of an error or if you have questions about your statement, visit our Error Resolution page for instructions.